New AquaSpa and Aqualounge zones, changing rooms and restoration of the exterior areas of the AnyósPark sports complex


Restoration of the AnyósPark sports complex facilities, featuring modernisation of the amenities and expansion of services.

Phase one, 2008: The project involved the creation of a new sun terrace and outdoor swimming pool area on a flat roof where there had been two paddle tennis courts. These were relocated to a different area of the complex. Restoration included adaptation of the upper flooring and walling to its new use as a sun terrace area and the construction of a bar building and adapted services.

The expansion also included an outdoor Jacuzzi and a children's play area, thus establishing a high-quality open-air zone.

Structurally, the paddle tennis deck was reinforced to support the weight of the new use. Renovation work was completed with the construction of a lift and a walkway to connect the new space to the interior of the sports centre.

Plot area: 4,994.92 m2.

Built area: 902.76 m2 (restoration) + 435.34 m2 (extension).

Project undertaken: 2007-2008.


Phase two, 2010:  The project is part of phase two of renovation of the AnyósPark sports complex, with a renovated 455.06 m2. The project follows on from the 2008 restoration and extension of the outdoor pool, sun terrace and chill-out zone.

The plans featured the conversion of the original 25 x 10 m pool into a new spa-type leisure pool that meets the needs of clients of the hotel complex resort annexed to the property.

The project likewise includes the completion of a length pool with two lanes for the exclusive use of swimmers and a zone assigned to water gym classes.

In the new leisure pool and wellness area, the existing pool basin was divided into different areas and the floor level was raised to adapt it to the new use. This yielded savings in the water required for filling the pool.

The creation of the pool for lengths involved the adaptation of an old unused shooting room and use of indirect light to establish an intimate ambience, and the creation of a false backlit window to reduce the closed-in sensation of the windowless basement where the pool is located.


Year of completion: 2010

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